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Client Testimonials

When Alexis redid my resume I received a lot of phone calls and interviews compared to before I had my resume created by her.  Everything about working with Alexis and her overall service was great.

Derrick W. 

Working with Alexis on my resume was a seamless process.  I liked when we spoke on the phone and she gave me advice because it was a tough time for me, so being able to speak with someone was important. Many potential employers complimented my resume and I got multiple offers within a two month time frame.

Simone R.

I received a prestigious job offer in my field after having my resume revamped by Lex. Alexis was very accessible to reach while working on my project and basically redid my entire resume in such a short amount of time!

Lydia J.

Professional Resume Services for Folks of All Backgrounds & Fields

helping you, help yourself.

Lex Get 2 Work's main goal is to improve the quality of life of all job applicants
through providing high-quality, applicant tracking system (ATS) friendly resumes.

The services provided by Lex Get 2 Work are here to ensure clients are job seeking and applying in a strategic manner, while also helping clients to stand out to the ATS and hiring managers.

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