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National Wheelchair Day & Accessibility in the Workforce...or lack thereof 🦼♿️ 🦽

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

What is your organization doing for my disabled family, friends, and community folk who use wheelchairs?

A privilege many of us are allotted is full mobility. People like my sister, Alacyia, cousin Jada, and many friends, are not allotted this consistent access.

This National Wheelchair Day and International Disabilities Month I beg many questions, or at least beg of you to reflect on the questions below:

Is your building and are your activities accessible? If not, how can you make it more accessible? If not, can you have certain initiatives within other buildings to increase inclusivity?

Do you have a plan in place should someone in a wheelchair apply to your organization? A plan that is made with disabled people in mind, even more so preferable, made hand in hand with wheelchair users?

What efforts does your organization currently do that ensure that the disabled community knows they are more than welcome, but rather wanted, and celebrated as employees, members of your board, volunteers, and program participants?

What pipeline or pathway programs do you have in place to help individuals with disabilities in gaining employment at your organization?

If you feel like your organization is lacking in accessibility efforts, the time to make changes is now!

Feeling bad about our efforts of the past gets us nowhere, so to better utilize your energy, think of how you can and will implement changes toward becoming more accessible today and tomorrow.

Disabled people are here forever and wheelchair accessibility is always needed.


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